breathe think flow

Tom's highly tuned analytical skills, ability to think way out of the box and very direct style, will generally come to a conclusion that is just common sense, but requires Tom to put his finger on the right spot to reveal it all. - Marc, project finance manager

My “inner calm” is transformed to my “inner Pam!” - Aisling, Yoga & Sleep Retreat

Tom has been a driving force in the team that has managed to turn decades of losses into profits here at Lisnavagh Estate. Several ambitious projects have been embarked on in this time and are now bearing fruit.
Identifying our "blind spots" in the management of business here seems to be one of Tom's several specialities. A number of difficult decisions have had to be made over the years and Tom has proved himself to be a vital catalyst in ensuring that these decisions are made and actioned.
- William Bunbury, Lisnavagh Estate

The thought provoking ideas led to interesting conversations over the dinner table all week! - Mary, CPD summer course

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