breathe think flow

big picture thinking for positive change

Create a fulfilled, balanced and happy life through

a greater understanding of Nature, ourselves,

and the consciousness that unites us.


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We help people develop practical life skills to flourish in body and mind.

We tailor programmes for teams and organisations to address specific needs and goals.

We mentor small business owners with both business management expertise and work/life balance insights.



Helping you see the big picture. This is the ability to step back, understand a complex system, generate options, and develop value-based priorities. The result: You formulate a conscious path in business and in life, one that is rewarding for you while respecting natural limits.


Over 20 years ago we saw the need for global system change and started with ourselves. Leaving the investment industry, we learned and shared how to grow organic food; how to build simple, useful structures; how to manage stress in easy and accessible ways; and how to find a work/life balance for different stages of life.

Our experience spans investment and venture capital expertise, teaching finance at MBA level, business turnaround, yoga and meditation coaching, organic land management and small scale food production, stress management and behavioural awareness.

We’ve done this through executives retreats, business courses and mentoring for small business owners, nature-focused CPD courses for primary school teachers, and teaching over a thousand classes and workshops on yoga, relaxation and mindfulness over 20 years. We have authored two books on systems and how to change them. We are parents.

Meet Tom & Pam

we inspire and enable

positive system change

helping individuals and teams

to examine big issues and

find the footing and confidence

to create their conscious path


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